it’s our last month as just a dating couple

and it has been amazing. I can’t wait to marry you.

There’s a song called Dear Bobbie and it’s about a couple sticking together and loving each other through the years. It has an old man narrating memories of them, and he’s happy because they’re still together. He says “you have gray hair now, but you’re still a beautiful woman”, and funny as it seems, I just felt like it was me.
Like it was me, through the years, loving you only a bit more and more. And I wish that I’ll be able to see your hair turn silver, but keep that same beautiful smile turned to me.
For life, right?

i love you girls so much.

and i’m sorry you have to be this tired. I can’t do anything for now, but I’ll be a bit calmer knowing we’ll rest for a bit, soon. Let’s endure it a bit more.

I love you girls, more than I could ever love myself. Fighting, angels. 

yoongoddess: I love you and thanks for understand me. I'll do better next time and then no one will need to worry about me. I'll definitely be a Yoona who shine on the stage and give SONE happiness, and for you girls too. From now on and forever, it's 소녀시대! ♥♥

You always shine, be it on stage or out of it. Take your time and rest, baby ;A; I love you so much, we all do. A lot. 

Forever 소녀시대 ♥

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